January 7, 2021

Statement on Political Violence and the Storming of the U.S Capitol

January 6, 2021 was a dark day in American history. The world watched in horror and disbelief as hate-fueled mobs, incited by toxic conspiracy theories, stormed the U.S. Capitol aiming to overturn the outcome of a democratic election and disrupt the peaceful transition of executive power. 

We at Nkarta vehemently condemn this unlawful violence and assault on our democracy. Open and free elections are sacrosanct. They, like all our democratic institutions, must be supported and protected by all of us. The American people spoke when they voted and legitimately chose a new President, and now is the time for a peaceful and collaborative handover.

While our nation is far from perfect and the struggle to attain equality for all remains ongoing, the attack yesterday should not represent the country that we know and love. Let us stop sowing hatred and division. Now is a time do what’s best for our Country and its people, and no longer be torn apart by one selfish man’s injured pride and the anger of some deliberately misinformed supporters. We call on our elected leaders and public officials to begin a collective healing process that instils a reverence for clear-minded truth, restores trust in our institutions, returns our country to civility. This is nothing less than immediate resignation, Amendment 25 or Impeachment.