The Power of
Natural Killer Cells

about us

We are dedicated to realizing the potential of natural killer (NK) cells for the treatment of cancer. Our proprietary technology is designed to harness the power of these important pathogen-fighting immune cells and is uniquely capable of enhancing their ability to search and destroy tumor cells.

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scientific foundation

Founded on the proprietary, robust and well characterized NK cell expansion technology pioneered by Dario Campana, Nkarta aims to build the next generation of cell therapies.

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Our focus is to enhance the power, applicability and tolerability of cell therapy by developing next generation cell therapies that leverage the inherent pathogen fighting power of NK cells.

Engineered and enhanced NK cells

Proprietary expansion technology

Potential to reach more patients

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We are a young, innovative company with an intense purpose and passion for bringing innovation to patients with cancer. Beating cancer requires a dynamic perspective, which is why we not only welcome diversity, we seek it.

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